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“At Micro Forms, Inc., we engineer quality, value, and profitability for all of our customers.”  David Curry, Co-Owner

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Precision Metal Stamping, Tool & Die, Metal Fabrication

Micro Forms, Inc. is a high-quality, precision metal stamping company in the Dallas, Texas area with a long history of excellence.  It was founded by Lee and Betty Curry in 1967 and purchased by their sons David & Danny Curry in 1992.  It started as a small mom & pop machine shop and has grown to the multimillion-dollar stamping company it is today because of honestry, integrity, and quality. Above all, we are proud of a 50-year history in meeting complex customer needs with precision metal stamping parts.

Because of our vast experience, we can easily guide you through the metal stamping manufacturing process. Most importantly, we can show you the best options for producing copper stampings, brass stampings, aluminum stamped parts, or whatever solution best suits your needs. As a long-time member of the Precision Metalforming Association, we are a trusted source for your precision metal stamping.

Capable and Trusted Metal Stamp Manufacturer

Precision metal stampings are at the center of what we do.

Our main facility is equipped with 20+ presses that range from 8 to 150 tons and are coupled with variety of speeds. These presses are capable of up to 1,000 strokes per minute and have material capability from 0.003” (.08mm) thick. Simply put, we have the right combination of equipment for producing your unique metal stampings.

Contact us with your specific questions or needs.  We will respond quickly and professionally and always give you honest feedback based on our experience, expertise and capabilities.


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Precision Metal Stamping


Micro Forms, Inc. offers a wide range of high quality manufacturing-based services to meet our customer’s needs with proactive communication, satisfying and exceeding customer expectations.


Micro Forms, Inc. specializes in Precision Metal Stampings with In-House Expert Tool & Die Design and Build, Exemplar Press Operations, Assembly, Spot Welding, and supporting operations with a team of key personnel to provide you with high quality on time deliveries.

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At Micro Forms, Inc. we use our extensive experience in prototyping, tool and die design, metal stamping, metal forming, and metal fabrication to provide the customer with value and quality.


Micro Forms is an equal-opportunity employer and always looking for qualified talent.


During this COVID-19/Corona Virus pandemic, Micro Forms, Inc. is being careful and vigilant in our routine operations to ensure safety for employees, suppliers, and customers. Our company remains OPERATIONAL with on-site manufacturing, shipping, and receiving. Our Finance, Sales, and Customer Service departments will continue via phone, email, WebEx, and Skype as the shop and offices are closed to on-site visitors for the time being. If you have any questions, please contact us through our website, email, or phone.