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Co-Engineering (or Value Engineering) is a key component that can be the difference in a good design and a great design.

Our Design For Manufacturability (DFM) feedback has a proven track record to lower our customer’s metal stamping costs across segments and part types. At Micro Forms, Inc. we apply our vast knowledge base in prototyping, tool and die design, metal stamping, metal forming, and metal fabrication to our customer’s design intent.

At Micro Forms, Inc. we are not pursuing the everyday, one-off prototypes. Our focus is on partnering to help you design and test for the best cost, quality, and performance.  Our prototypes will closely model a production part in tolerance and function. Our prototyping goal is to help you succeed in the life of your product, win your confidence, and provide your metal stamping production business for years to come.

We know this prototype and pre-production phase of manufacturing cannot happen without your partnership. We partner to design solutions that last.  Our promise to you is that we will be honest in our assessments, forthright in our capabilities, and give our best effort to a mutual success.  All that we ask is an opportunity to provide you with the best supplier experience you can imagine.

At Micro Forms we engineer quality, value, and profitability for all our customers!

As a long-time member of the Precision Metalforming Association, we are a trusted source for small, precise, production metal stamping.

We’re proud of our heritage in medium-to-large-run production metal stamping and hope to serve you.



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Comments from our customers about our Co-Engineering Value:

Micro Forms has exceeded my expectations….I’ve had a tough time finding a stamping company willing to take the time to work with me since this is a startup but I believe I have found a partner to work with us in Micro Forms.

Our group values the level of technical expertise and professionalism evident during every design and tooling review exchange- the serious commitment to be successful in working through the issues prior to production as a team is apparent in each of the prompt and concise communications received.

The feedback on prototype and project parts is fast and helpful when developing new parts.

I (we) just started working with Micro Forms on a new project and they have been very responsive and insightful. They met with me a few weeks back to discuss our design specs from my design firm and how they translate to the real world of manufacturing, stamping in particular. Micro Forms understands what we are trying to accomplish and when I took these suggestions to our design team they were in agreement and confirmed the suggestions made sense and would not impact the functionality of our product but would more than likely increase the manufacturing efficiency and cost.

I like working with the Micro Forms team. I particularly like their commitment to problem resolution and abilities in DFM that result in consistently high quality. I feel they honestly represent themselves, have a commit and deliver attitude, and respectfully communicate suggestions to designs that provide a more robust product.

I am pleased with the value proposition that Micro Forms brings to the table.


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