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Micro Forms assists large OEM by significantly reducing part cost, and meeting challenging metal stamping requirements, using Design for Manufacturing (DFM) expertise.


OEM customer had a part sourced elsewhere and they needed a significant cost reduction. The part had coined edges, difficult forming, extruded and tapped holes close to bends, minimum thread count and multilayer plating including Gold.


Micro Forms, Inc. applied DFM problem-solving skills coupled with advanced tool design knowledge and experience to address the plating and tooling challenges. The incorporation of intricate forms, extrusion and IN DIE TAPPING overcame the design challenges of the geometry.

Proprietary solutions for the plating conquered the challenges of the multilayer precious metals plating so significantly that this solution alone would have met the customer’s cost reduction target.

Combining both solutions exceeded the goal and created a supplier/customer partnership that has withstood the test of time, creating opportunities to solve other challenges and grow while reducing customer costs.

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Micro Forms, Inc. Reduces Cost through DFM

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Small parts stamping is not all we do, and you will never have to second guess our precision metal stamping capability. From reel-to-reel stampings, flat springs, terminals, electrical contacts, or custom metal stampings, we can help!

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Our experienced tool designers apply best methods in tool and die design. Our quality tools produce repeatable, close tolerance, quality metal parts using aluminum, brass, copper, beryllium copper, special copper alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloys.

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Co-Engineering (or Value Engineering) is a key component that, when combined with the right supplier,can be the difference in a good design and a great design.

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It all revolves around integrity and being true to who we are.  Since 1967, customers have relied on us for quality, expertise, and consistent results of their precision metal stamping.


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