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Precision Metal Stamping for Global Industries

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Micro Forms, Inc. provides precision metal stamping for global industries. This helps guard against the seasonal manufacturing peaks and valleys of our global economies.  Our diversity promotes a consistent labor force with quality and attainable lead times for many global industries.

At Micro Forms, Inc. we engineer quality, value, and profitability for our customers in a variety of industries:



  • Energy
  • Electronics
  • Fluid motion
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Defense
  • Consumer Goods

Using a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) approach, Micro Forms, Inc. uses proprietary tooling and expertise to significantly reduce production costs within many industries.

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At Micro Forms, Inc. we are proud to be part of connecting our world! We produce terminals, pins, lugs, grounding brackets, blades, jaws, probes, and much more.


Micro Forms, Inc. has supplied seating and personnel parts to the aerospace industry for over 40 years. Traceability, maintenance and document control are nothing new to us.


Prototyping and production of mounting systems for electrical transmission, solar power, and battery storage. We provide high-quality, precision metal stamping for energy and major utility companies.


Virtually anything metal that connects, or supports the telecom industry, can be produced at Micro Forms, Inc. This includes panels, brackets, connectors, chassis, terminals, and more.

Consumer Products

From wrenches to microphones to fishing lures, we have tooled it up. Send your designs, sketches, or concepts and we will give you quick and honest feedback.

Fluid Motion

Fluid Motion is a special field we have proudly supported in the United States for decades. Rotors, blades, panels, brackets, chassis, and connectors leave our facility with precision.

Oil & Gas

Supporting our exploration and capture services across the world,  our manufactured parts for the oil and gas industry include trips, fuse clips, liners, and specialty items.


Micro Forms, Inc. has a valuable history and service record in the defense sector. We’re a leading manufacturer with expertise in traceability and adherence to strict specifications. We do it for all our customers.


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