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Metal Stamping for Medical Devices

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Metal stamping for medical devices requires expert precision and extreme attention to detail. For example, some metal parts for medical devices are smaller than the tip of a scalpel. Exact precision is required in order to work with other components. In recent years, manufacturing of micro, metal-stamped components for use in medical instruments, devices, and implant components has increased. Therefore, manufacturing these components requires a company with expertise in precision micro-stamping.

Micro Forms, Inc. is a trusted supplier of precision metal stamping for medical devices. You can count on us to deliver precision and quality. Whether it’s producing brackets and clips, or cases and clamps, we have a laser-like focus with medical devices and instruments. Most importantly, we have the experience, equipment, and innovation to meet your needs.

Are There Limits to Metal Stamping for Medical Devices?

Precision metal stamping is an industrial production process using machine presses, tools, and custom dies. Machining for small, intricate and complex shapes can be challenging – or near impossible – for some metal stamping producers. At Micro Forms, we can stamp those small, complex parts to the exact specifications required by the medical industry. If you require metal stamping for medical devices and want it delivered on time, our reputation for quality and delivery is impressive. As of 2019,  our on-time delivery rating improved to 99.4% and our quality acceptance rating rose to 99.8%.

And, we’re only getting better. With enormous medical technology advances over the years, we have adapted our equipment and processes to consistently produce reliable parts. We consistently manufacture with precision, safety, reliability. 

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Components for:

  • Implantable Devices
  • Surgical Instruments

Enclosures for:

  • Drug Pumps
  • Cochlear Ear Device and Hearing Aids
  • Pacemaker Components


  • Production quantities from single parts to 10+ Million pieces
  • Goal of a 24 Hour turnaround on quotes
  • Flexible Manufacturing Response