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Micro Forms, Inc. Produces Superior Quality Precision Metal Stamping for Computers, Communications and Manufacturing Industries in Denver, Colorado

Micro Forms, Inc. provides the Denver, Colorado area with the highest quality progressive precision metal stamping services for producing electrical and computer components, communications hardware, tool & die, prototyping, and co-engineering services. Our 50+ years of experience and 20+ presses (and supporting equipment) means that we can handle your largest or smallest job yet. By utilizing latest technology, we are able to handle high speed stamping, low volume stamping, and everything in between. Domestic fabrication does not have to break the bank, and our quality and delivery standards will help save you money in the short run. Small parts stamping is our specialty, but we can also handle your reel-to-reel stampings, terminals, electrical contracts, or custom metal bracket stampings.

Tool & Die Services

With our team of experienced in-house tool room designers, we apply best methods in tooling to design repeatable, close tolerance, high quality tools. We typically start with the right design for the job, and then build our tools with extremely tight tolerances, proper clearances, adjustable forms, proper heat-treated alloys, precision wire cut EDM geometry, and precise assembly, fitting, and testing. Our in-die sensors allow us to monitor tool performance in real time, increasing efficiency and reducing down time during misfires, slug pulls, misalignment, and other tool killing issues.

Prototyping and Value Added Processes

Micro Forms, Inc. employs a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback system that has a proven track record for lowering our customer’s costs in many segments and part types. We can also provide precision sheet metal fabrication services and value added processes, including: assembly, installation, paint, powder coat, parts on reel, plating, precious metal plating, prototyping, selective plating, soldering, spot welding, special packaging, welding, wire edm, heat treat, and hardware assembly.


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