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Precision Metal Stamping for the Energy Industry

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Precision metal stamping for the energy industry and renewable energy sector demands precise measurement, attention to detail, and expert knowledge of the application. It also requires an extreme focus on safety and reliability. Equally as important, having the experience in knowing what materials should be used under demanding conditions is a must. Extreme temperatures, pressure, caustic atmosphere, and corrosion can wear down materials not suited for a specific application.

For years, Micro Forms, Inc. has designed, prototyped, and produced a variety of metal components for power mounts and electrical transmission, solar frame construction, and battery storage systems. We thoroughly understand mounting systems and brackets.  We’re trusted for stamping high-quality, precision metal parts for the energy industry and major utility companies. You can count on our expertise to deliver precision and quality.

Micro Forms continues to adapt to rapid changes in renewable energy, and we’ve advanced our processes in precision metal stamping for the energy sector. Cutting-edge improvements in energy transmission, solar, and battery power in recent years has made us better at what we do. We’ve adapted our equipment and processes to consistently produce dependable parts that are always built with precision, safety, and reliability in mind.

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Components and Mounting Parts for:

  • Monitoring Power Transmission
  • Electrical Transmission
  • Batteries and Solar Panels
  • Harnesses, Clamps, Guides
  • Permanent Storage


    • Value-Added Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
    • High-Quality, Consistent Tooling
    • In-Die Sensors
    • High Precision Die Shoes
    • Production quantities from single parts to 10+ Million pieces
    • Flexible Manufacturing Response


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