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Micro Forms, Inc. provides high quality progressive precision metal stamping, tool & die services, and engineering services to San Diego, California

Micro Forms, Inc. has the right tools and experience to handle your progressive precision metal stamping needs in the San Diego, California area. Our vast array of 20+ presses run from 8 to 150 tons coupled with a variety of speeds capable of up to 1000 stroke per minute, giving us the ability to mass produce high speed stampings to low volume stampings. Our in-house team of experts specialize in small parts stamping, but we would love to help you with your reel to reel stampings, flat springs, terminals, electrical contacts, or custom stamping jobs. We know that small parts engineering requires careful precision and attention to detail. Let us be your one-stop shop for all of your precision metal stamping needs.

Tool & Die Services

At Micro Forms, Inc. we have a team of in-house tool room designers that has over 50+ years of experience working with legacy tooling and custom jobs. We can keep your production pipeline pull with our standard Class A progressive tooling and Maintenance Plan to supply you with quality parts. We also utilize special in-die sensors that allow you to monitor a tool’s performance in real time, and can greatly cut down on inefficiencies caused by a failing or improperly installed tool. These sensors are a key component to our quality and delivery success, and we know our processes will improve your bottom line.

Engineering, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Value Added Processes

Micro Forms, Inc. can also add value to your processes by taking on your engineering or prototyping project. We’ve got the tools and the know-how to complete your custom job in a timely fashion. Additionally, we offer full-fledged precision sheet metal fabrication and other value added processes, including: assembly, installation, paint, powder coat, parts on reel, plating, precious metal plating, prototyping, selective plating, soldering, spot welding, special packaging, welding, wire edm, heat treat, and hardware assembly.


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At Micro Forms, Inc. we use our extensive experience in prototyping, tool and die design, metal stamping, metal forming, and metal fabrication to provide the customer with value and quality.


Micro Forms is an equal-opportunity employer and always looking for qualified talent.