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Micro Forms, Inc. provides precision metal stamping services and small metal parts manufacturing services in Pullman, Washington

Micro Forms, Inc. specializes in progressive precision metal stampings for the Pullman, Washington region. With our wide array of 20+ presses, we can handle mass production utilizing high speed stamping, low volume stamping, and anything in between. We know that small metal parts manufacturing requires special attention to detail, and we have the equipment and experience to meet your needs. From reel to reel stampings, flat springs, terminals, electrical contracts, or custom metal stampings, we can be your one-stop shop for all your stamping needs.or custom metal stampings, we can be your one-stop shop for all your stamping needs.

Tool & Die Services

Micro Forms’ in-house tool room team has the experience and equipment to take on your legacy tooling that will keep your production pipeline full. We have designed and built standard Class A progressive tooling and maintenance plan that will supply you with quality parts for the lifetime of the part. By utilizing in-die sensors, we can better enhance and promote quality parts through monitoring tool performance in real time as it happens. For more information regarding our tool maintenance plan, hard tooling & soft tooling processes, contact us and we can assist you.

Co-Engineering, Prototyping, Metal Fabrication, & Value Added Processes

Micro Forms, Inc. can also add value to your processes by taking on your engineering or prototyping project. We’ve got the tools and the know-how to complete your custom job in a timely fashion. Additionally, we offer full-fledged precision sheet metal fabrication and other value added processes, including: assembly, installation, paint, powder coat, parts on reel, plating, precious metal plating, prototyping, selective plating, soldering, spot welding, special packaging, welding, wire edm, heat treat, and hardware assembly.


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